Candles for Buddhist Lent

Candle for Lent
will be used for ceremonial purposes

Story by Namdokmai

Candles for Buddhist Lent are made some time prior to the advent of Buddhist Lent, during which time monks are supposed to retreat to their temples for 3 months and devote their time to prayers and meditation. The need for candles therefore arises during this period.
    For Buddhists, the making of candles for this occasion itself is regarded as a form of merit-making as their candles help in the religious duties of the monks during the holy months. They believe that they too will become enlightened through they participation in this prayerful period.
    The candles when made will be paraded in a procession in a procession three times around the convocation hall before being lit throughout the three-month Lental Season.
    In the rural area, this marks an especially festive event. In some localities, candles are entered into contest for their creativity and the procession which parades around the city centre is particularly colorful. For other localities, however, this represents an annual event where villagers make merit by offering food to monks.

The Lenten Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani Povince

The Lenten Candle of Wat Nong Bua,

The Lenten Candle Festival

    The Lenten Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani Povince: this special event is appreciated by tourists, and is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The beautifully embellished beeswax candles form the center of activities. There are parades and processions, folk dances and general merriment before the candles are presented to local temples.

The Lenten Candle show at once side of Thung Sri Muang, Ubon Ratchathani
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